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Goals and Work Experience

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Goals and Work Experience

Short term goals for the next year or two.

My short-term goals are to receive my GED. Hopefully I can further my education and get an associate degree. I would like to get a better job with more opportunities for advancement, so I could live a better lifestyle and have better things for my family.

Long term goals for the next 5 years or more.

My long-term goals are to buy a bigger home in a different area. Buying a new home will be a dream come true. I would also like to travel somewhere for a long vacation.

Name of employer?

Dress Barn

Beginning job title?

Customer Service

Ending job title?

Currently employed

Reported to whom?

Store manager

Reported to you?


How many people you supervise?


How many hours do you work?


Exact dates of employment?

06/05 - Present

Reason for leaving?

Currently employed

You’re monthly salary?

$100 to $150


My duties are to makes sales quotas for the week. Also to maintain the appearance of the store and its products. Cleaning, vacuuming and straightening

My Workplace
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